Kroppsanalyse – InBody 720


InBody 720 is a tool that measures the composition of a human body. Inbody uses a technology called the BIA (Noninvasive). BIA is a method using electrical signals quantifies body composition. The human body consists mainly of total water volume in the body, proteins, minerals and fat. The values ​​of these are closely related with the health and the physical condition of our body. The test takes just a minute and give you a precise analysis of what your body is made up of. That way you can get an accurate picture of your health right ideal weight based on facts and not only on age height and sex.


You will get measured:


• Fat Percentage

• The amount of fat viceralt (the "dangerous" fat)

• Fat-free body weight • Number kilogram muscle mass

• Number of kilograms of muscle mass in different parts of the body and hence the body balance

• Hip / waist goals • Basal metabolism (combustion)

• Weight of skeleton

• The body's protein content, minerals and water

• IdealvektTil end you get assigned a health score

Based on the results test gives, we can assist by recommending the type of training, diet etc you should choose to improve your health score, check left.


Before analysis


• You should not consume any food and drink the last two hours before using InBody720.
• Do not work, shower or sauna session in advance of the analysis.
• Make sure to go to the toilet just before.
• InBody720 can not be used by people with pacemakers.
• One should not use the machine in connection with menstruation and pregnancy. Then you have no normal fluid balance in the body, and the measurement results will thus not be completely accurate.
• Any new measurements with InBody720 should ideally be taken at the same time and under the same conditions to ensure that the comparisons will be as accurate as possible.


The analysis itself


• The first thing to do is to take off their shoes and place them in two “soles”. A gripper then hands around two handles.
• During a couple of minutes sent the electronic waves around the body and analysis fullføres.Det is important to note that these weak electrical impulses are completely harmless to body!
• When the test is finished, the machine will print the result form showing all measurements. One then goes through the results of an experienced training – and diet adviser. He will be able to give good advice on what needed to change body composition and thereby achieve a better health.




InBody720 is a high-tech measuring device which sends weak current through the body from 8 different body points with 6 different frequencies. The machine analyzes each body separately (torso, right arm, venstre arm, right foot, left foot), and you can see in detail how body composition is in the different parts.

There are varying resistance in fat, muscles work hard, etc.. This registers Inbody720, and it will therefore make very precise measurements.

Compared to DEXA has Inbody720 accuracy 98,5%! DEXA measurements performed in a hospital and is considered “gold standard” in relation to it to make accurate measurements of body composition.

InBody720 tell you much more about your health than a regular scales do! Weight measuring just how much you weigh – it does not record how much of your body that are respectively muscle and fat! Today are also often used BMI to determine whether a person is normal or overweight (weight : height X height). This formula does not take the individual muscle mass and body fat percentage and is therefore not a good measurement method!


Hvem passer InBody720 for?


This is an amazing tool for you as

• Want lasting weight reduction

• Want more muscle on your body

• Need extra motivation in everyday life

• Want to know a little more about your own health

Did you know that only a very few of those who lose weight fail to achieve lasting weight loss? An important reason for this is that very many will lose much muscle mass during the weight reduction process. Less muscle mass means lower fat burning, and lower fat burning is unfavorable for the person who wants to achieve lasting weight loss. By using regular InBody720, you will be able to monitor how the muscle mass and body fat percentage evolves over time. Can you keep or preferably increase muscle mass, increases the chance considerably to achieve good and lasting results. Many overweight feel that regular surveys with Inbody720 gives them an extra motivation to change their lifestyle. Maybe they do not look so big changes in the mirror from month to month, but the result form of InBody720 it says black on white that positive changes happening to your body. Muscle mass increased and fat percentage decreases. Such changes presupposes that it made any approach in relation to diet and activity level.

More and more engaged with strength training has now become aware of this technology. One of the unique feature of the machine is that it can analyze each body separately. This means that if you exercise eg arms much in a period, you will have the opportunity to see the increase in muscle mass only for this body part. The same applies to the legs and torso.

InBody720 has been a popular fixture at various gyms. Those who get analyzed their bodies are often properly “tour”, and many wonder when we come again to make new analyzes.

Which “ordinary man in the street” has also shown great interest in InBody720. Many simply want to know a little more about their health beyond the information they receive from their doctor. You get to know with great accuracy how much fat and muscle you have on your body. Moreover measures InBody720 amount of visceral fat in the abdomen. Det visceral fettet, located around the internal organs, considered to be the most dangerous fat on the body. Even thin people can have too much of this, and that means an increased risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

We have received a lot of feedback from satisfied customers who say that Inbody720 give them that little extra that makes them unable to stay motivated. Changing body composition is not done overnight, but with InBody720 we think it will go much easier. You are simply more motivated!




• Test and Review 15 min kr 450

• Test , evaluation and diet counseling 60 min kr 800